Investment Management

Whether your goal is paying for college, growing a retirement net egg or making sure that you don't outlive your savings, Personal Financial Advisors offers investment management you can trust. 


As investment advisors, our sole objective is to help you succeed. We always recommend the most appropriate and cost-efficient investments for our clients' unique needs. We are never swayed by the conflicts of interest that can affect commission-based brokers. Our investment portfolios are carefully constructed to help you meet your goals and are based on three pillars of successful investing:

  • Understanding your comfort with risk  
  • Diversifying to limit risk and capture opportunity 
  • Using a patient, long-term approach


We strive to create investment portfolios that reflect not only your goals but your unique values as well. That's why we're careful to include--or exclude--investments accordingly. We make a point of keeping our clients informed about performance, and we have the flexibility to make course corrections as our clients' financial or life situations change.


It is easy to find someone to manage your money, but it's the unique advisor who will truly put your interests first. We invite you to contact us to learn more about exactly how we do that.