Why Choose Us?

Not all advisors are alike. From the way they're paid to their professional qualifications to their experience level, the differences can be stark. At Personal Financial Advisors, we believe we stand out from the pack in ways that discerning consumers will appreciate.


We act: as fiduciaries.
We build: personalized financial solutions.
We care: about our clients' goals first.
We develop: lasting relationships with clients.


Most clients trust that their advisor is always working in their best interests. But that's often not true, and in some cases it's not even legally required. At PFA, we are held to what's known as a "fiduciary standard" of client care. Translation:We must put your interests before our own.

What's more, we choose to use a fee-only compensation model. Some advisors get sales commissions of different sizes based on which investment you buy—and that creates an incentive to recommend more lucrative "products." Our fee-only model eliminates that conflict of interest entirely: There's no way we can get paid more by recommending one investment over another.


Our team includes three Certified Financial Planners as well as a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor. The CFP designation means that we have met rigorous education, examination, experience and ethics requirements. Chartered Retirement Planning Counselors are required to complete a thorough study program and pass a thorough examination, and they must meet continuing education requirements.

In choosing among the thousands of advisors in the industry, professional designations such as CFP and CRPC are an important way to gauge expertise and professional commitment.


There is no substitute for the education that takes place over years and years of practicing a profession. Our team has many decades of experience, which means we've helped navigate clients through all kinds of economies and markets. All that knowledge and perspective is an asset that many advisors cannot provide.


PFA founder Robert J. Reed helped to trailblaze the fee-only financial planning model: In fact, he was Louisiana's first member of the National Association of Professional Financial Advisors, the fee-only financial planning organization.

Bob embraced a different approach because he believed it served clients' interests better than any other model in the industry. Over the years, he's been joined by advisors who share his ideals. The result is an experienced team of experts who are on your side and committed to your success.